Chiropractic Video Series

This series of videos is designed to help you get a better understanding of chiropractic care and the body so you can make an informed decision about whether chiropractic may be suitable for you and your family.

Perception of Reality

Did you know your brain and Central Nervous System are constantly changing? From one day to the next your brain is not the same. Scientists call this neural plasticity. Your brain receives a constant supply of messages about your body and the external environment from...

Your Brain, Body & Spine

In this video we take a look at the connection between the brain and the rest of the body. The spine’s role is hugely important (as I’m sure you’ll agree) but it’s imperative that your practice members understand that too.

Chiropractic & Enuresis

In this video we look at research undertaken to see how chiropractic care may help with enuresis (involuntary urination, especially by infants at night).

What are Symptoms?

Many of our patients are symptom-orientated. But, as clinicians, we know that there is a lot more going on beneath the surface. This video helps your practice members to understand that symptoms are a bit like the fire alarm going off. To get rid of the problem, we must put out the fire, not just turn off the alarm…

Chiropractic Care May Prevent Injuries

In this short video we delve a little deeper into the scientific literature around Chiropractic care, exploring the very real, exciting knowledge and understanding science of the profession.

Science Behind Chiropractic

In this video we look into a research study exploring position sense awareness for people with lower level neck pain. We used a computer-linked electrogoniometer to record our findings.

Chiropractic & Older Adults

We highlight how Chiropractic Care can benefit older adults who tend to favour more traditional medical practice. We take a closer look at a couple of recent studies that indicate Chiropractic care can have a protective role in preserving functional ability.

Chiropractic Reduces Falls Risk Factors

As we age our risk of having a fall increases. In this video we take a closer look at a study that investigated whether Chiropractic care could help brain function which may prevent falls in older adults.

Chiropractic & Colic

In this video we examine a study where the finding demonstrated how Chiropractic care can significantly reduce crying time in babies with colic.

Strength & Fatigue

In this video we look at research undertaken to see how chiropractic care can help with strength.

The Safety of Chiropractic Care

Some people are worried about Chiropractic Care and in this video we look at the research literature on this topic to see what the science actually says.

Evidence Based Practice

The public need FACTS to understand why chiropractic care can help them. This animation looks into evidence based practice and what that means.

Spinal Function

Research studies have shown that spinal function impacts brain function.


Did you know that scientists have found the feeling of pain is something your brain decides you should experience if it believes there is a problem.

Chronic Pain

In this animation we look at what chronic pain is, and what you can do about getting rid of it.

Pain is Our Alarm System

We look at how all of the body’s senses work and how your brain interprets them, in particular with regards to the pre front cortex and pain signals.

Neck Pain

In this video Dr Haavik looks at whether neck pain has an impact on sensorimotor function in older people.

Pain & The Immune System

Research studies that the way that you experience pain depends on your personal situation and what you feel about the situation.

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