Dr Jess Naughton

Dr Jess Naughton


Growing up in the country, Jess has always lived a very active, healthy lifestyle. She was introduced to Chiropractic at just a few weeks old and has always been encouraged to eat well, move well and think well. Being adjusted from such a young age Jess understands the importance of a healthy functioning nervous system throughout life. She believes Chiropractic to be a fundamental necessity in ensuring a happy, healthy, long life.

Always having a keen interest in health and how the body works, choosing a career in the health industry was no surprise. Jess earned her Chiropractic Degree after graduating from RMIT University with Distinction. During this time she also completed her Yoga Teacher Training Certification, and now continues to teach Yoga all across Melbourne. Jess loves to combine her knowledge from both professions in order to provide the best possible care. She understands how many factors including exercise, nutrition and mental wellbeing can influence ones state of health, and loves that both Chiropractic and Yoga encompass all important factors to build a life of optimum health. She is continuously learning to develop her knowledge to provide the best possible service. She believes lifelong learning is essential and is determined to continue this for many years to come, for herself, and the wider community.

Jess is passionate about educating people how to live their best possible life. Her wish is to make living a healthy and happy lifestyle easy and sustainable for everyone. Jess is passionate about Women’s Health, Pregnancy and Paediatric care and has completed Post Graduate studies in these fields. Providing a natural, safe approach to your care, Jess cannot wait to support you and your family in your health journey.

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