Dr Ella Smith

Dr Ella Smith


Dr. Ella Smith has a particular interest in the impact that today’s modern lifestyle has on our body.
Her goal is to encourage a lifestyle where we can be, move and think well in a world which demands so much from us.

She believes that health is tenfold. It’s ongoing and ever-changing. Ella is passionate about helping others to find balance in their health, in a natural and empowering way. Chiropractic enables her to teach others about their bodies, to recognise changes within it.

Her passion for movement is carried through her practice. Previously a Personal Trainer and a Lagree Pilates teacher for 7 years, She appreciates the importance of movement for prevention from many lifestyle-related issues.

She began chiropractic care from a young age and therefore understands the benefits of a healthy body at every life stage and looks forward to caring for your entire family as they grow.

Ella completed a Bachelor of Health science and a Bachelor of Applied science (Chiropractic) at RMIT Melbourne and worked previously in a chiropractic practice in Middle Park.


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